CitySDK Linked Open Data Distribution API

About CitySDK Linked Open Data Distribution API

The CitySDK Linked Open Data Distribution API is a linked data distribution platform. Developed by Waag Society, the distribution API is a component of the CitySDK toolkit. This toolkit supports the development of open and interoperable interfaces for open data and city services in eight European cities (Amsterdam, Helsinki, Manchester, Lisbon, Istanbul, Lamia, Rome and Barcelona). The CitySDK Linked Open Data Distribution API enables the distribution and linking of open data sets and city services. This website explains the distribution API. For a comprehensive overview of the complete CitySDK toolkit have a look at the CitySDK project homepage.


  1. CitySDK Linked Open Data Distribution API is a one-stop-shop for developers. With standardized interfaces, developers can build better apps and services for end users and governments.
  2. Moveable code – developers can use the same interface for open data, in Amsterdam, Helsinki and Istanbul alike.
  3. The API enables the Read/Write City: per layer, data can be added to objects the city, using URIs.
  4. Data exchange between citizens and the city will become open, more efficient and more transparent data.
  5. The API enables innovation for businesses, media and citizens, and Manages the constant technological change: adding new datasets and services is made easy.
  6. The API is released as open source on GitHub, and can easily be implemented and amended to local needs.


  • Open API, open source
  • Unified REST API, data from different sources available on a per-object basis
  • No access keys for reading
  • Write access for data owners and app developers
  • CMS for data owners for easy integration of new datasets
  • Interactive linking of data sets
  • Map viewer
  • Standardized interface in 8 cities
  • Ruby API gem

Technical details

  • JSON and RDF API written in Ruby + Sinatra
  • Data stored in PostgreSQL/PostGIS database

Adding your own data

If you are a data owner, the API offers a user-friendly CMS. It makes it easy to upload and (automatically) update your static and realtime data sets. To get a login, send an email to CitySDK support.


If your city is interested in CitySDK and the API interface and toolkit, or if you are a developer looking to develop apps that work in different European cities, then get in touch via CitySDK support.